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You don't really care what I have to say, you just want my data, well, go look at it!

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Currently we have 1813151 matches in the system covering 53689 players.

Or if you don't know about playing Star Realms in events and tournaments and want to know more, check out other Star Realm sites below:


Megahaulin' is the best podcast and strategy site for all Star Realm players!

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Facebook Group

On Facebook there is a group of a lot of people who play tournaments and post all things Star Realms, check it out!

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Board Game Geek Group

Want to play in a Star Realms League? Check out what they are doing over at BoardGameGeek.Com

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Star Realms Simulator

A guy named IceSphere made an awesome java simulator to simulate thousands of games if you wanted to test out a strat!

Check it out!

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